Saturday, October 4, 2008


I borrowed this quote from my dear friend Linda's blog, Behind My Red Door:
To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of leave the world a better know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

Isn't that a great quote? I just had to put that up here, because I think it speaks volumes. I hope I live my life this way, and I hope that when I do leave this world, that is how people think of me.

I was looking out my window the other day and thought how pretty the sun looked behind the dark clouds. And then I thought how my life feels like that lately - like the dark clouds keep trying to overshadow me and my sun, but my sun is stronger and keeps shining through. I had to take a picture:

Yesterday I got the official phone call that Trev has been accepted into this school that we visited last week. It was kind of funny, because Trevor went to school yesterday ready to say goodbye to everyone. He brought his ROTC uniform in, etc. Well, around noon-time I got a call from his teacher that he was saying his goodbyes and pretty much doing nothing else, he wasn't participating because "I'm not gonna be here anymore anyway." I had her put him on the phone and I threatened his life. I said "Boy - you are there NOW and those teachers deserve your respect. You WILL participate and get back to business or when you get home today, I will take your PSP and your TV for an entire week - do you understand me?" He said "Yes, mom." His teacher got back on the phone and thanked me and assured me she'd call me back if he continued slacking off. I never heard from her again and when he got home, he said the rest of the day went well. KIDS! But in the meantime, I DID get the call from the special ed chairwoman that everything was a "GO"!

I thought Trevor had a dr. appt. for his physical exam yesterday afternoon - I even left work early to bring him. But when we got there, the receptionist said "Wellll, you have the right TIME - but not the right DAY!" The appt. is on Monday. You know, I'm shocked that I got it confused with how smoothly my life has been going lately... ha ha ha ha ha But anyway, it's all good because we have an appt. Monday at 2:00 to go transfer him to the new school. He is not going to school on Monday, and I am taking a 1/2 day at work. I figured I'd take him out to lunch, then we'll go to the new school and do all the paperwork and stuff. After we get that done, we'll go have his physical done (the new school needs his updated immunization records, etc.) at 3:30. Then he can start on Tuesday. The bus situation might take a few extra days to straighten out, so I might have to ask Jeremy's gram to drive Trevor to school for the first few days, she lives right down the street from it, and I would bring him to her house on my way to work in the morning. Whatever I have to do to make this work, I'll do it.

So I'm really optimistic about this - it's a new beginning for Trev and I think it's going to be good. I have to think positive, you know? The alternative to thinking positive and being optimistic is giving up, and I won't do that. So I'll fill you in next week on how it goes!

Today is National Card Making Day, and I have a whole ME DAY planned! It's 8:30 a.m. right now - as soon as I finish this blog post, I'm going to the post office, Walgreens, CVS, and the eye dr. to pick up Trevor's glasses. Then I'm coming home and putting a corn chowder together in the crock pot for dinner tonight. I have all my "stuff" spread out over the kitchen table waiting for me to come home and start card making - see:

I need to make a bunch of "boy cards" because my 2 Audrey's Umbrella buddies are boys right now, and I want to try my hand at a few more Dirty Shanks. And lastly, here are the 3 cards that I decided to submit to the Paper Crafts World Card Making Day contest:

a Happy Hello - I used crystal effects for the puddles at her feet and the "splashes", you can't see it as well in the photo:

Christmas card - I used some "bling" accents for the ornaments, which you also can't see as well in the photo:
And this is a birthday card, I used buttons and my scallop punch. I loved the colors and simplicity of this one:
So that's it for today, my friends. Have a wonderful weekend - go make or send a card to someone you love or care about! Peace!

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  1. yea, so glad to hear he was accepted!! woohoo!! i love the cards!! those are so cool!!