Thursday, October 9, 2008

So far, so good!

Trev started his new school yesterday. He was actually excited about it, he's so damn resilient. I took him to TJ Maxx last week and got him some new jeans and a new shirt, so he felt good wearing his new clothes. He walked to his grandparents' house after school and I picked him up there after work, and he was all smiles. I was so relieved. He said that he liked it, that he actually received work that was "challenging" - he enjoyed that. The teachers are more patient. And they do real work - he did a science experiment yesterday, I don't think he's done one of those since 7th grade (he's in 10th), if that. I am really optimistic about this, and I think that Trevor is really going to blossom at this school. He is so capable and he has so many good qualities, if people would take the time to get to know what they are and focus on them to help him bring them out even more.

I have had a headache for 3 days. I get migraines, but I haven't had one in a long time - I lost about 40 pounds a little over a year ago, and they really cut down when I did. I don't know if it was just that I changed my eating habits or what, but it was a very much appreciated side effect, let me tell you. But I also get sinus headaches, and I think that's what this is. By yesterday afternoon at work, I felt like I was going to be sick. It was just pounding. Then I had to bring Trev to our counseling appt. last night, so I couldn't even just come home and lie down. I was sleeping by 9:00 last night, but I woke up with the same damn pounding headache. I took another Ibuprofen and turned off the alarm and went back to bed, thinking maybe if I slept a little more, it'd be gone. Nope. So I drove the kids to school and came home and went back to bed and I slept until almost 12:30!!! I feel better now, but exhausted. I don't have to drive or do anything until 4:00 when I have to pick up Cass. I'll probably be back in bed by 8:00 tonight. The kids don't have school tomorrow, so Cassidy is sleeping over a friend's house. That means it will be quiet here with just me and Trev.

Here's to hoping that Trevor's 2nd day was just as good as his first, and that all subsequent days are even better. It's good to see him come home from school smiling. He should be home soon, actually, as Thursdays are "early release days" and they are dismissed at 1:00. He's walking to his grandparents' again and they are driving him home. So I'm going to go throw a load of laundry in and lay on the couch for a bit. Peace!


  1. I'm so happy for Trevor, Jenn. I hope this new school continues to be a good match for him. It usre sounds like it will be. I hope you feel better tonight so you can enjoy your evening with your boy:) Love you!!

  2. Awwwwww I hope by the time you see this, you are feeling much better! Yay for Trevor. Thinking good thoughts for each new day for him!! Hugs, me