Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helmet Heroes

OK I was watching TV last night and this commercial came on for this new toy by Playskool called "Helmet Heroes". You can see it by clicking on this link... Now let me explain to you what it is - it's a helmet for pre-school age children that comes with either handlebars or a steering wheel - depending on whether you get the policeman or race car driver. This is one of the most ridiculous toys I have ever seen, and if anyone had bought my child this thing, I can assure you I would have "accidentally" stepped on it and broke it within 5 minutes. This thing makes noises - police sirens, screeching tires, etc. - WHILE ENCOURAGING YOUR CHILD TO RUN RAMPANT THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE! I'm not even kidding you - the kid puts on his helmet, holds on to his steering wheel/handlebars, and RUNS around the house pretending to be a race car driver or policeman. I don't know what moron came up with this accident-waiting-to-happen, but he/she DEFINITELY does not have children of his/her own. Either that, or they hate children and want them to get in trouble. I mean, seriously, what parent in their right mind (maybe that's the key here...) would say to their 3-year-old, "Here, honey, I bought you this great new toy that you can only use by running around the house like a freaking maniac making as much noise as possible!" Are you serious? I mean, look what the product description includes, "The adjustable helmet has colored lights, a flip-up visor and a microphone that amplifies your child’s voice" - as if 3-4-year-olds need their freaking voices AMPLIFIED! ROFL Can't you just picture parents of pre-schoolers everywhere praying to God that their kids don't see that stupid commercial?
Well, our beloved Red Sox lost. Looking on the bright side, I don't have to worry about staying up late to watch the World Series, at least. There's always next year.... the mantra of New Englanders everywhere... LOL
So Jeremy is leaving tomorrow morning, going to do some work at his mother's house in California - it's northern California, though - no sunshine and beaches for him. He's going with his friend Mike to do some electrical wiring for her. He will be gone for about 10 days, and it worked out well because they told him at the union hall that there should be a job ready for him in about 2 weeks - so hopefully it will be ready when he gets back. In the meantime, I'm back to being a single mother for a week or so. I actually have a lot going on over the next week, though, so it will probably fly by.
Cassidy is in a play on Thursday evning at school, my cousin is coming to hang out with me Friday night, and I'm going to a Halloween party at my friend Tracie's house Saturday night. I have an idea of what my costume is going to be, but I'm not tellin'. You'll just have to wait to see the pictures, as I definitely plan on bringing my camera. I am tagging along with my friend Kerry, and there are going to be lots of my old friends there, some who I haven't seen in 10 years or more, so I am really looking forward to it.
It's been a little over a month now since I've spoken to or seen my mother. It's sad, because I know that she'll never care enough to call me or anything. I go back and forth between being sad and being angry, and just not caring. I have PMS right now, so I was feeling sorry for myself the other day, just wishing things were different, wishing my family was even half-way normal. So I know that if I ever want a relationship with her again, I'll most likely have to make the first move. And I just don't want to. Papa hasn't even called me, though, and that's not like him (Papa is my step-father, but more like my real father)... so I wonder what is going on over there. I heard that my brother is not doing great, so I'm sure they are pre-occupied with his drama and shit. Trevor started his new school a couple of weeks ago, and they had heard from my sister about it, so Papa did call Trevor once or twice to ask him how it was going, so THAT was nice, at least. But I was SUCH a basket-case back in September, I cannot believe that my own mother hasn't called me to see how I am, if I'm OK - how Trevor is, how Cassidy is, etc. One of my cousins said something to me like, "Doesn't your mom call the kids?" and I had to laugh - no, my mother doesn't call my kids. I don't even know how to explain my mother without sounding mean... I love her to death, don't get me wrong, I mean, she's my MOTHER. I always thought that we were very close, but it's really more my attempt at being close to her. It hurts, but I now realize that without my efforts, I probably wouldn't have much of a relationship with her at all. And, mother or not, relationships just cannot be one-sided. That's not a relationship. I hate it, though. I stopped asking her to "babysit" years ago - now I should explain that my mom works nights, and she loves her over-time, because you can imagine that getting paid overtime on top of a shift differential, it's good money. I have always been very understanding of her working. But here's what hurts - if her mother or one of her sisters wants to do something and they tell her ahead of time, she'll schedule a night off for them. If her precious JIMMY (loser brother) wants to take his son Christopher to the beach in the Summer, well then of COURSE she'll take the time off - I mean, Jimmy doesn't have a license because of his drug and alcohol convictions - Jimmy has no friends because he has screwed over every person he's ever met - so how ELSE is he going to take his kid to the beach? Ohhh, I sound so jealous and petty - I don't even care, though, it's the truth and it sucks. If I, or my sister, asks her to do something - whether it's babysitting, or attending a family function, or just wanting to DO something with her - it's always "I have to work" or "I won't be able to tell you until the day before, because I might have to work." That hurts, pretty badly. So eventually, I just stopped asking. But the hurt has never gone away. My cousin Carissa's baby shower is in a few weeks, and I wonder if my mom will go... if she does, it will be the first time I will have seen her in close to 2 months. And I can almost guarantee you that she will be a complete bitch and just give me dirty looks, if she even looks at me at all. I'll end up crying, and what a FUN baby shower that will be - but quite typical of my family's events/functions, actually. I'll do my best, though, because Carissa deserves a drama-free baby shower. The thing is - if my mother called me tonight and just said, "Jenn, I'm sorry I hurt you - can we talk?" I'd burst into tears and be like "MOMMY - I MISS YOU!" LOL Pathetic, I know.
Lastly - this is the first year that I won't be going trick-or-treating with my kids, and I am a little bit traumatized by that. We did trick-or-treating for 15 years together! LOL Now that they are 13 and 15, they are not interested. Cassidy is going with friends, and Trevor isn't going at all. Him and I are going to stay home and eat junk food and watch scary movies, we've decided. Jeremy won't be home yet, so it'll just be me and Trev. We'll have a good time, though, we both love scary movies AND junk food. hee hee
Well I guess I've gone on long enough for today - better save some for another day. :o) Peace!


  1. Oh geeze - watch some kid will run into the wall wearng the stupid helmet his parent bought and then the parent will sue the company. It never ends...

    I am so sorry about your family Jenn. I wish I could change it!! I am glad you have some great friends to be by your side though. Lots of hugs, Linda

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your family. Hopefully the worst is over.

    take care,
    Jessica Lynn