Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple pickin' and stuff!

First off, a look at the foliage around my house right now:

A beautiful tree in front of my house:

Today we went apple-picking! My cousin Angela and her 2 adorable kids met us there. I got a jar of hot pepper relish to make a dip for crackers, a jar of dill pickles cuz Cassidy wanted 'em, and a big ol' bag of apples we picked. Oh yeah, and a dozen cider donuts. The kids had cider, too. We had a good time - the weather was gorgeous, a perfect fall day. And the scenery was stunning. See for yourself!
Some foliage at the apple orchard:

My nutty daughter jumping into the picture as I
try to take a picture of the landscape:
Some pretty flowers that I didn't bother buying, because
they would have died as soon as I tried to water them or something.
I do NOT have a green thumb, so I just admire from a distance:
My cousin Angela and her kids -
Anthony is 4 and Siiri is 2.
Anthony, almost smiling:

Siiri, enjoying her cider donut:
Cassidy carrying Siiri:
Me and Angela - funny picture, cuz she's actually much taller than me!
My little monkey:
My other monkey:
The results:
Cassidy took this cool picture of the bag of cider
donuts that we bought! LOL

This is a picture of the Old Stone Church in West Boylston, on our drive home from the orchard. The Old Stone Church is the last of what was left of a section of West Boylston that was flooded and turned into the Wachusett Reservoir in 1905.
This is a popular spot for photographers, for everything from weddings to senior pictures, to just amateur photography.
So that was how we spent our day off today! I came home and made apple cake and apple crisp, and they both came out yummy. I just threw a frozen pizza in the oven (Oh but not just ANY frozen pizza, no - it's a DiGiorno GARLIC BREAD pepperoni pizza.... drool.....) and I am done for the day, baby. Back to work tomorrow. Peace!


  1. Great pictures and what an awesome day. We went to the apple orchard recently and ended up buying a bunch of Honey Crisp apples. The closest we got to homemade goodness was an apple turnover, one that we bought from the orchards local store. They bake them fresh on site. It was delicious.

  2. Aww looks like fun!! The foliage pics are great and I love the pic of the Old Stone Church. We spent many a day down there with the kids when they were younger!

    We spent the day rebuliding the computer for the third time! Woke up yesterday and turned it on and it crashed AGAIN!!!!!! Anyway, he took drastic measuses and wiped out my hard drive and started from scratch so wish me luck. Spent ALL day on it so there went any weekend fun. Phooey! LOL

    I hope your short work week goes great! hugs, me

  3. *** STOMPING MY FEET AS I WRITE THIS***** I miss New England at this time of year... Awesome pics. Jenn!