Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Friday!!!

I am so glad it's Friday, peeps. I gotta tell you - I HATE PMS. I was so miserable yesterday, I felt like crawling out of my own skin. I hardly ever eat meat, and I would have killed for a Big Mac. LOL But I was a good girl and ate my Lean Cuisine for lunch - but then I did have a couple of mini Hershey bars. Hey, I was so grouchy I was about to bite someone - the chocolate saved someone's life, I'm sure of it. So it was worth it. Calories that save lives just don't count, OK? Anyway, I called in to work today - I need a "mental health day" - and I'm working tomorrow (Open House on Saturday) so I'm taking today off instead. Trust me, I'm doing them all a favor by not going in today.

Guess what I found out yesterday? Michelle (my sis) and I went to this clothing store that I like during our lunch break. While shopping, we ran into one of our cousins who we have not seen in years. She's on my dad's side, and we really don't have much contact with anyone from my dad's side (my grandparents all died years ago, my aunts died years ago, etc.). This cousin is the daughter of my favorite aunt, Judy, who I blogged about here. Anyway, we started talking and end up discussing our kids, of course. Her son, who is 3 years older than Trevor, has Asperger's. Turns out he graduated from THE SAME SCHOOL TREVOR WENT TO - last year! THEN - she tells me that her brother's son ALSO has Asperger's. OMG - it IS hereditary, but I thought for SURE it was from Jeremy's side. I should have known better. My genetics totally suck. My poor kids have no hope. Seriously, though - on my side of the family, we have a history of everything from mental illness to heart disease to drug addiction. Scary shit.

Did I tell you that Jeremy went to California? His mom lives in northern California, wine country, and Jeremy and his friend Mike went to her house to do some electrical work. He left yesterday and he'll be gone for about 10 days. Tonight my cousin Angela is coming over to hang out with me for a few hours, then I'm working in the morning, then I'm going to a Halloween party tomorrow night with some of my old friends. I'm really looking forward to it, and it's kind of nice that Jeremy's gone right now - when he's home, he can't sleep if I'm not home. So if I go out, he's calling my cell phone by midnight, "where are you? When are you coming home? I can't sleep without you..." LOL So it will be nice to be able to have fun and know that no one is waiting up for me. It's also great that my kids are old enough that I don't have to worry about getting babysitters every time I want to leave the house. Cassidy is going to her own Halloween party, so Trevor will just be home watching movies and making a mess. hee hee

Have any of you New Englanders put your heat on yet? My car was covered in frost this morning, but I am NOT putting my heat on. It's 37 degrees out right now - I have my space heater on in the living room and the house has stayed at around 61 degrees overnight, and it got up to 68 in here yesterday during the day. I refuse to put the heat on until November 1, at the very least - unless it drops below 60 in here, then I'll have to break down and turn it on. We have been really good about conserving oil - we turn the furnace switch off completely and only turn it on to heat up water when we need it for showers or dish-washing, etc. It's been a big help, too, the last oil delivery we got has lasted a long time - Jeremy's plan is to win his fantasy football thing, first prize is $950.00 - and he plans to use that for an oil fill-up! LOL If he DOESN'T win? Well, he's in first place right now - so let's just be optimistic, OK? hee hee

Well I'm going to do some stuff around the house this morning and go to the post office and stuff since I won't be able to tomorrow. Have a happy Friday! Peace!

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  1. OMGoodness on the family Aspergers! WOW I am floored.

    David wasn't home last night so I had to turn the heat on because I was frozen! It's amaaing how much he heats up the bed! LOL

    Have blast this weekend and I agree, those hershey bar points don't count. And neither do the ones I consumed making meals for my elderly folks and a gal who had a new baby, right?? LOL

    hugs, me