Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thanks, love

I had to make a bunch of thank-you cards for the girls I worked with who threw me a going-away party a couple of weeks ago. I spent some time doing that yesterday, and this is one of them - I used a digi image from Heather Ellis and some scrap DP I had laying around in red & white hearts. The ribbon is also from my stash. Heart-shaped eyelet by Stampin' Up!

I should have more to post tomorrow. I went to dinner and to see the movie Inception last night with my good friend Holly. We had fun - the movie was very intense, it was 2 1/2 hours long but FLEW by. This afternoon Cassidy and I are off to a bridal shower for Jeremy's cousin Amanda. I will then come home and make my famous leftover casserole (chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, gravy and cheese all baked together... yum!) and Jeremy and I will go have dinner with his dad tonight.
Speaking of his dad - he's doing pretty good. He's home now, and getting around in a wheelchair. He should be walking again in a couple of months, we hope. Jeremy's sister Brittney is living with him for a few months, but she had to go to her hometown in Vermont this weekend for a wedding. So Jeremy and his grandmother went over last night and brought Richie Chinese food, we'll bring dinner tonight, and Britt should be back tomorrow.
I think I also told you that Richie's brother Ronnie, Jeremy's favorite uncle, was driving a backhoe thing on his property a few weeks ago and flipped it over onto himself, crushing his pelvis. He spent 2 weeks in the ICU at Brigham & Women's in Boston, and was finally just released to a rehabilitation hospital the other day. So he's coming along, too. Thank God. He is like a 2nd dad to Jeremy, Jeremy really respects him and looks up to him. When all this stuff happened with Jeremy's dad, every decision that Jeremy had to make was so overwhelming... so every time he spoke to uncle Ronnie, he'd feel better when Ronnie would say "you did the right thing" or "that's what your father would want". Ronnie really helped him get through it all. I had been thinking about writing Ronnie a letter to tell him that when his own accident happened. I am so thankful that he's OK and that I didn't miss my chance. I am writing it this weekend.

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  1. Hi Jenn I am so loving this card the colours and image are just a perfect thank you card for the girls. I am so glad that everything seems to be going on well for you wishing you all the best
    Lorraine x