Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amanda's Bridal Shower

Yesterday afternoon was my cousin Amanda's bridal shower. I met Amanda when she was only 6 years old, when Jeremy and I started dating. I love her because when she introduces me, she says "this is my cousin Jenn" - not "this is my cousin Jeremy's wife". :) It's the little things. Anyway - Amanda is almost 24 years old now and is getting married in October. Here is her gorgeous cake from the shower (and by the way, these are the first pics with my new camera):

This is Amanda and her mom, Cande:

Me & Amanda:

Amanda with my daughter, Cassidy (she's 15):

Cassidy and me:

Me & Leia (another cousin - she's hysterical and I adore her):
Gramma & Leia:

Gramma & me:

Marcia & Leia (mother & daughter):

It was a beautiful day and I was glad Cassidy came with me. We most likely won't be able to attend the wedding in October, as we'll have just settled into our new home in California, hopefully. There was a lot of yummy food (LOBSTER!) and drinks, and we played some fun games and everyone just had a great time.

Hoping to get some challenge cards done today - peace.

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