Saturday, June 19, 2010

More bad news :(

I cannot believe I am saying this, but I have more bad news to share. My 19-year-old nephew Eric had a seizure (his 3rd in 3 years) while driving yesterday (first time while driving), and got into a bad car accident. He is OK, but it was just so awful... let's just say I am dangerously close to a nervous freaking breakdown. *sigh* My sister and I work together, and I ended up getting the phone call at work yesterday morning - it was just so scary, I can't even put into words how scary it was. I love this kid like he's my own. He had dropped off my sister at work, picked up 2 of his friends, and was going back home to get ready to drive to the beach. Thank God he hadn't already left, thank God he wasn't on the highway... anyway, he had a seizure and lost control of the car with his foot on the accelerator and he crashed into a house. One of his friends had no injuries, the other had a facial laceration. Eric was covered in blood, but it looked much worse than it was - turned out that he had a lot of bruises and lacerations, a black eye, and needed stitches.

So now I am starting to feel like "what next?" and that is a crappy way to feel. :( I really need a stretch of some GOOD news, some FUN, something to look forward to... Jeremy's dad is doing better, so that's good. He's been on his back for so long that he did develop some blood clots in his legs, but they seem to have it under control. He's not in as much pain as he was, which is wonderful. Physical therapy is going well - and he's talking about stuff, which I'm sure is helping. Jeremy goes up several times a day to visit, we brought him dinner last night and visited for a couple hours. He has had quite a few friends visit, so he's very lucky to have a lot of support. I know it will help.

I am drained, I can't even explain how emotionally exhausted I am. My sister and I are heading over to my mom's yard today to lay by her pool and just relax. NOTHING bad can happen today - I FORBID IT! Are you hearing me, universe? I cannot take it - so give me a break here, please. Thank you.



  1. Oh Jenn!! I am so sorry that even more is being thrown at you!! I think I would have had a breakdown by now!! I will keep you and yours in my prayers!!

    Also soooooooo sorry I messed up at TLL and posted the winner too early. It shouldn't have been decided until after midnight tonight. Please forgive my mistake. Also, be sure to check your email :-)

    love and hugs!!

  2. Thank you, Melissa. You are a sweetheart!

  3. Love your sweet card and I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. But, thank God nobody got seriously injured in that car accident. Wish you and your family, all the best for the future, you're in my prayers!!


  4. sweet card it is! and i now have john & olivia singing in my head. grease is so cool! :)

  5. really fun stamps on your super card

    you all take care