Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trevor update - 100th post!

Happy 100th post! LOL I just happened to notice when I went to start this that it's my 100th post. My, how time flies! When I started this blog back in April of 2008, this was one of the first blog entries that I had written about Trev. Since that time, he's grown up so much. He'll be 16 in July and he's at least 6 inches taller than me already.

A lot has changed since then, too. Trevor now attends a wonderful private school where he has absolutely thrived. His grades went from C's and D's and F's (public school) to A's, B's and C's. He was getting migraines almost daily - he hardly ever even gets a headache anymore. He has matured academically, socially, and emotionally. I'm so very proud of him.

Don't get me wrong - we still have our moments. Asperger's is not something that goes away or can be "cured." It's just something that makes Trevor unique. It's funny, usually the first thing that people ask me when I tell them that Trev has Asperger's is "Don't they have medication for that?" Nope, no medication for autism/Asperger's. But really, I'm not sure I'd even want to "cure" him... he is who he is because of the Asperger's, you know? It's hard to explain - we went through so much heartbreak and turmoil when he was younger, the only thing I would say is that I wish we had known all along that he had Asperger's, it would have made life so much easier for HIM. But hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and we didn't know. But I still believe that everything happens for a reason, and that Trevor will grow up to be a better person because of our experiences and the way we handled them.

Anyway, since I'm always quick to spill my guts when I'm upset and I need to vent, today's post is going to be nothing but positive! This is a list of everything that I LOVE about Trevor:

He is so smart - I love having conversations with him. If the topic interests him, we can talk for hours. He leaves me the funniest voice mail messages on my cell phone, sometimes they are so long that it cuts him off. LOL He is the most generous kid in the world - he'd give anyone the shirt off of his back if they needed it. He's extremely loving and very forgiving, especially to the people he loves. He is the most understanding of my kids, too - if I plan on doing or buying something but then realize later that I can't afford it that week or it just won't work out like I had hoped, he's the one to say "it's OK, mom, maybe next week." He is always thinking of others, especially me. He has a wicked guilty conscience, which leads him to "tell on himself" when he does do something "wrong" - he absolutely hates to disappoint anyone (again, especially me). :o) He is never embarrassed to be around his family or to show affection to us. He's just an all-around awesome kid, and I am so glad he's mine.

Thanks for letting me brag about my oldest pride and joy. I happen to think he's pretty special and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

Tune in tomorrow when I will be bragging about my lovely daughter, my youngest pride and joy. Peace!

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  1. Awwwwwww that is so sweet Jenn! I am so glad this school is so much better for Trevor! I know how hard you have championed on his behalf too!!

    Seems to me he wouldn't be so sweet and kind and forgiving and generous if he didn't have an example to follow - amd I am guessing it's his MOM!

    Happy Mother's Day dear friend!

    hugs, Linda