Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lazy weekend!

Saturday was beautiful outside, Jeremy planted a few tomato plants in our garden and did yardwork. I ran errands in the morning after meeting friends for breakfast, and then I watched him. hee hee Here he is petting the neighbor's dog, Sam. I am not a dog person, but Sam is a really good dog. I like Sam. Sam likes attention, as you can see:

Now here's Trevor playing with him, shaking hands:
And Sam appears to be smiling in this one, LOL:

This is what I bought Jeremy for his birthday gift. It's an outdoor fire pit. I think I am more excited about it than he is. hee hee I also bought him a ticket to see the Dave Mathews Band at Fenway Park next week, too, so he can't complain. :o)

OK my plant/nature friends - this pretty plant is growing in one of the corners of my house - help! What is it? I like it, I just want to know what it is!

Here are the flowers close-up:

Now on to the cards! Here is a chance to win some yummy blog candy at Passion for Crafts. Not only do I like her blog candy, but I love her style, too.

Here are a couple of cards I made this weekend. This is using Elzybells Knight & Princess stamp:

This one is using my favorite Ketto, MissMatch. I placed an order for some Kettos and a few other things at Stamping Bella and I cannot wait for them to arrive, it's like Christmas!

That's all for now! Peace.


  1. Girl that is a Rhododendren! I have some HUGE ones in our yard.

    I want a fire pit too. You'll have to tell me how you enjoy yours - I mean Jeremy's! LOL and do me a favoer and make my Jen jealous and let her know through facebook about the concert! LOL

    hugs, me

  2. This ketto card is simply adorable. Great colors and I love the flowers.