Monday, May 25, 2009

Jeremy's birthday party

Yesterday was Jeremy's 38th birthday and we had a party/cookout. It was a LOT of fun. Here are some of the pics.

Timmy stopped by before work, so I had to make him pose for a picture with me before he left, of course:
My friend Tardy in the red - he brought the "coo-coo juice" - this is him mixing it up:

Kerri-Lynn and me:
Missy and Dan:
Trevor and Dan - I can't believe Trev is actually taller than him!

Jeremy - the birthday boy!

Me and Missy:

Me and Holly:

My sis Shell and me:

Me and my friend Michael Francis - hee hee:
Angela and me:

Me and Dan - it's starting to get dark out now and we've been drinking Tardy's coo-coo juice for hours... we had a LOT of fun!
This is my bro-in-law Jay, my sister's hubby, and me:
This is my friend Tardy and me - we get more affectionate as the night goes on.... :o)
Missy and me kissing Sean - I have been friends with Sean since we were about 5:

Another of my BFF's, Kev and me:

Kev and me again - I love this picture, maybe it's because it's one of the few pictures that you can tell I actually have eyes:
Me and my girl Cassidy:

Jeremy and Angela at the end of the night - ROFLMAO - a picture speaks a thousand words:

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