Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All That Scraps & Digi My World

Cass has been sick the last 2 days, poor kid.  I thought it was allergies but it turns out she's just got a bad cold, complete with headache, sore throat, stuffy nose... so anyway, she's already reached her limit of absences for the year and she's been going to Saturday school to make up her absences from LAST year.  Then Jeremy called to tell us he signed a lease on a house yesterday - so after much thinking, deliberating, discussing... the bottom line is that today I'm going to look into Cass getting her GED.  If she does this, she'll be able to start college in the Fall instead of doing her senior year of high school at a new school across the country (or possibly having to stay back because of absences and start over as a JUNIOR!).  She feels much better about this and I know how smart she is, and how much she's looking forward to college - I would NEVER let her do this if I thought she was just "quitting" - but I can't find one negative consequence to doing this.  So I feel good about this decision and it also means that we'll head to California earlier than June.  Like probably in about a month.  GULP.  I haven't shared that with anyone yet, as we just kind of came to this decision last night.  But I'm antsy to get out there - and poor Jeremy and Trev now have a house but nothing to put in it.  LOL  They are lucky enough to know people who have offered to give them some pieces of furniture and to borrow others until we get there, so that's good.  So I am going to have to have a chat with my sister, my mom, gram, Richie (Jeremy's dad) and let them know our plans. Wish me luck.  ;)

Well - on to business, right?  :)  First up for today is my cute card for the:

I'm not a big fan of "anything goes" challenges, as I feel they take the CHALLENGE out of the challenge... LOL... but these images are so darn cute, it's still fun to play along.  :)  I used Bunny Lucy, colored with Prismacolor pencils & mineral spirits and Prismacolor markers.  Cardstock & DP are from my stash.

And next up - I noticed Mr. Linky is already closed but the challenge had said it was open through today, so I will add to the comments section.  :)  I made this for the:

I used Artist Girl, colored with Prismacolor pencils & mineral spirits and SU! markers.  Cardstock, DP, and ribbon are from SU!

And I woke up with a sore throat, so keep your fingers crossed that my little angel didn't pass her cold onto me! I'm too busy to get sick!  LOL


  1. I'm sure that was a hard decision, but I'm sure you made the right one. Being a senior (or junior) at a new high school across the country is never easy. Good luck to Cass with her test, and I hope she feels better soon! I also hope you're not getting the cold, and wish you good luck with the move and letting your family and friends know! Both of today's cards are adorable, but I really love the first one...especially the sentiment! So funny! =D

  2. Jenn - I love your card with Bunny Lucy :) I just did one with her too and it will be posted on my blog tomorrow!! Thanks for adding this to the ones at the ATS challenge :)