Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Papelitos NONSENSE

Hi all - so I feel I must address the ridiculous Papelitos nonsense and just explain it all here.  It started when a girl named Cris Valenzuela joined a DT I was on this past Summer.  She was from Spain and she seemed to be a nice girl!  She soon started talking about opening her own digi store on Etsy, and asked a few of our fellow DT members to join her on her own challenge blog as DT members or guest designers.  It was called Papelitos, and her personal blog was called Rutscht.  We became friendly, and she entered several of my ATC challenges at Wicked Wednesday using this blog.  In the meantime, she was providing her DT and guest designers with images that she claimed were HER OWN.  I have several e-mails between myself and her with her referring to "my Etsy shop" and "my stamps".

One of my fellow DT members got suspicious when she joined the Papelitos DT and almost immediately realized some of the "new images" were comic book art from an artist she knew of, Enrique Vegas.  She confronted Cris, who claimed that Enrique was a friend of hers, and that some of her stamps were drawn by her friends, and that she had permission to sell them.  My friend then contacted Enrique, who denied knowing Cris or anything about Papelitos Stamps and said that NO ONE had the right to be selling his comic book art as digi stamps.

Cris was removed from the team that she was on with me - all of her DT members quit and she removed the stolen art from her Etsy store.  When I contacted her asking her to please remove my name and blog link from the Papelitos blog, her reply was "Hi Jenn! this is not my problem. I have nothing to do with this blog or its stamps.."  LOL  After all the correspondence between herself and me about it all, after her SENDING me the damn stamps from HER e-mail address... the same e-mail address that she used to enter my challenges with her OTHER blog... I knew then that she really must have some serious problems, mental health issues of some sort, but I had no idea the extent of it. 

Anyway, I won't bore you with all the details, but I started to use Google Reverse Image search, and my friend was doing the same thing, and every time Papelitos has had new images released in the past month, we've found the true artists who did NOT give permission to Papelitos to use them.  One of them is a popular artist in Spain (I think - her blog is in Spanish), her name is Sarah con Hache and when I contacted her via Facebook, she was just astounded that anyone would do this.  Here are links to a few of the images that were lifted and sold by Papelitos - some of them are free coloring pages, so I hope you didn't waste your money:

I am on several design teams, so as I was leaving comments on entries over the past few weeks, I would also leave a comment warning them about Papelitos if they happened to enter her challenge as well.  One of those folks contacted me, and here is her story in her words on her own blog. She had asked me if I could help her discover the true artist of the images she had received as prize winnings from Papelitos, and I felt like a detective when I was successful!  LOL  They were from artist Roberto Barrios Angelelli - click here to read more.

So - that said - I must address the latest little blurb that is on the Papelitos latest challenge post here.  It says this, "Just a note:  I'm tired of the constant attack, and comes from the same people who sold us stolen images.  The person who sold  stolen pictures from us is the same as wasting time accusing everywhere about this.  We sold stolen images, because we did not know about it.  We feel this, because these people are denounced: J.B. and G. S.  Paula Vazquez, owner."   

Well, since I am JB, and since "Paula Vazquez" (Cristina Valenzuela's alter ego, perhaps???) has disabled anyone from being able to comment and defend themselves or warn others, I figured I'd write my own damn blog post.  This is the story, and I have noticed that the only images still in the Papelitos shop are the very few that we have not been able to identify the true artist of.  They had all previously (as of last week) been credited to a "Jordi Muntaner" (who I do not believe exists), but now they do not have any credits listed.  Regardless, I don't sell digi stamps.  If I did, I don't think I would then go tell the artists on myself... LOL  The whole thing is ridiculous and I will continue to report them to the REAL artists every single time I can find them.

Please feel free to share this blog post with as many of your artist friends as possible, in the hopes that eventually Papelitos will just STOP STEALING the artwork of others and re-selling it.  Thank you.

**UPDATE 11/1/12 - "Paula Vazquez" had a photo of herself and her family up on the Papelitos blog, which GS was able to reverse image search and found a Facebook profile for.  She sent the real Paula Vazquez an e-mail asking if she was the owner of Papelitos.  She never got a reply, but the next day the Papelitos challenge blog was down.  It's since been put back up, WITHOUT the picture.  Strange.  She is now linking up people's cards/blogs into her challenge without their permission.  There were 3 such entries yesterday, but they were all removed after they had been notified.  Again, beware of this person/company and keep your eyes open. 

Update 11/2/12 - Digi Galore Facebook group has discussions going about this and several members are discovering links to their works posted on the Papelitos blog without their knowledge or permission.  



  1. Standing ovation to you, my friend! Good for you for doing what is right! Being a detective, and making sure the real artists are credited for doing their work. This is a great post, that I will certainly be sharing. I cannot believe the way some people act...and think they are doing nothing wrong. Thank you for doing this. I hope this woman gets the help she so obviously needs.

  2. Yikes! What a lying, thieving headcase! Sorry you had to deal with this, Jenn! Kudos to you for being the real artists' activist and for doing what is right!

  3. I heard about this about a month ago and as one of the design teams I am on had been sponsored by Papelitos, I deleted anything to do with the Papelitos blog and shop!! And also all the images I had received from her!!! But I haven't gone as far as warning other people as I comment on their blogs and they have entered the papelitos challenges because I know that a lot of images had been removed from her shop.. But now reading your post I will be sure to let everyone know about this issue of theft!! Thank you so much for doing the great detective work you have done and will continue to do!! HUgsxx

  4. Well done Jenn xxxx sharing this this is a blog post I had also posted

  5. Well done you...Keep up the good work... you and( my friend )GS are doing every crafter and artist a service.... i feel so sorry for folks who paid hard earned cash for these stolen images,, i know a few..... its sickening. This Paula/cris has no shame... its totally disgraceful.

  6. Thanks again for the heads up on this! I respect the calm and level-headed way your posting has laid out the facts and will be sharing it on my blog. I just wish I could get my link off the DT list as well - maybe if I title every post with "Papelitos sucks"......?

  7. I've watched this little bit unfold and I love how much like a detective you are. :D Seriously, within a day or half a day of a new image, you have found the real artist. For that you are awesome, but you are also my hero for getting in contact with each artist for it. Hopefully there will be end to it, as word gets around. :)

  8. Good for you for sticking to you principals and getting to the bottom of it I too had a very funny feeling about when she sponsored a couple of challenges I am a DT member of she would only give us certain images and we could only use 1 of them so each DT memeber had a different image if you get me and was basically trying to tell us what to do I wasn't happy with this at all and on one of the challenges I used the owners images even though your "friend" told us we couldn't do this and on the other one I refused to make a card all together I just didn't feel comfortable with using and didn't like her attitude then I heard all this about stolen images and everything seemed to fit into place
    she then vanished from the face of the earth for a short while but I see she is back now so good for you for outing her and as long as you have your emails between you her and the others then you have everything covered I cannot believe she is trying to pin it all on you cheeky %£&*! that is all I can say
    Jacki xx

  9. Very well said, Jenn! I don´t know what´s wrong with this people that think they can run an entire business based on stolen art.
    Thank you to spread the voice. As an artist myself and a member of Stamp Out we have to deal with this everyday and it´s so sad and frustrating, so thank you again! :)

  10. Thanks for the heads up Jenn! You are doing all crafters/artists a wonderful service by posting this information! All the best to you!

  11. Thanks for the detail information! I also gave my resignation this week from the team... and posted it on my blog!

  12. I have two months trying to stay out of this, I will not discuss this issue.
    This is my job.
    But I am not the owner of this store.
    Please do not associate me with this.
    Yes, I coordinate the team and took care of many things he did not know what was behind.
    I want nothing to do with these people who steal and deceives.
    My mistake participate in this.
    Sorry about this.

  13. boy, I have been away for a bit and look at all that has been going on.... sheesh oh pete, what some people think they can get away with. I'm standing here with ya, girlfriend! cheering for you for doing what is right. it isn't always easy, but you did it anyway.

    I'm proud to call you my friend! :)

  14. Jenn, thanks for the heads up. I came here from Dawn's blog post about Papelitoes. I entered one of their challenges last week. I will not enter again. I don't believe in theft of any kind and will not help support these people that are stealing others hard work.

  15. Wow. Some people have ginormous cojones and no morals.

    Hugs to you and to all who have been wronged by this person.

  16. You are a 'crafty' detective! I linked up to your post from my blog post regarding how I being used again as a guest designer when I am not at all involved with her any longer since July 2012.

  17. Hi, Jenn!
    I am happy you told me last week and I didn´t use the digis I "won". Now I have two new friends in blogland, hahaha... there is always good in the bad things :)

  18. I too won some images from her blog before the first hints of fraud came up...she had freebies on the blog at one point too...I even picked the same images that Ardilla picked... I have deleted everything from my computer and find it so very sad that this is still happening.

  19. just thought I would let you know that their blog has been removed.

  20. Yay!!!!! Thank you ALL for your support!

  21. Well it sounds like the blog has been removed at least. I'm so sorry you had to deal with such a mess Jenn. I hopped over here from Dawn's (LilyPinkScraps) to read your post. I want to thank you for mentioning the Reverse Google Image search. I had no idea you could do that. I doubt seriously anyone would steal images of my work but it's nice to know how to check just in case. Seems thievery is running rampant in the crafty world. :-( Big hugs to you!

  22. So glad you called them out on their stealing...its so frustrating when this happens. I was a member on a different DT whose owner and supposedly creator was busted for stealing the art work of others. Sad thing is that even though they shut down...they really didn't. Blamed everyone for bullying them while they opened under a different name and still continue to do same thing....
    Stealing is stealing!

  23. Well done Jenn for warning others - I will certainly NOT be buying anything from this thief!

  24. Thanks for warning others!! I found out after I won one of their challenges.. I deleted anything that had anything to do with them and any of the images I had from them. Really makes me angry when people steal and take credit for others! How sad is that... I just don't understand! You went through a lot of work to find the original artists. I commend you for that!

  25. Well done on exposing this thief Jenn!! Never ceases to amaze me how low some people can get :(

  26. PS @ Jennifer Scull - sadly the blog is still live as of today...and is calling for new DT members.

    These people should be reportable to Blogger and be shut down (blocked) permanently! That's the downside of social media...hard to get these issues addressed.

  27. Well said! I have approached artists myself and asked if i could use their art work for personal cards and if said no then I wouldnt dream of even using it for card for a friend nevermind selling and passing as my own its shocking!! I think its comical that she has the stamp out the theives link on her side bar of her site!!

  28. Well done for standing up for what is right and giving your side of the story. I have just come from a link on Pickles (Kerry) blog to read this. I have to say this just blows me away how someone could do this totally wrong. Also thank you for doing this as after following the link I have noticed that the cheeky so & so has actually added one of my cards to her challenge why!!!! - I never entered it there whats that all about!!! - off to see if I can get it removed somehow now
    Lyndsey xx

  29. Hiya hunnie, she just about begged me to be on her dt and for some reason I kept refusing, do you think I was psychic. I did have a funny feeling about her, thanks so much for finding this out, stealing images is unthinkable, when its a persons livelyhood, its just shocking,im now going to see if any of my cards are on her blog, thanks so much hunnie,youve done a great job huggies June xxxxxx

  30. Thanks for letting me know all of this! I have been on her DT at Papelitos stamps and told this "Paula" person that I am out. I can still found my name and blog address on Papelitos blog. I do dispase the people like this. Stealing is criminal thing and soooo wrong!!

    Thanks again!

    Hugs, Sande xx

  31. Hi Jenn, I am currently a member of the Papelitos DT, that is, I WAS a member as having read your blog entry I am now going to email "Paula" or whoever she is, I will delete the images sent to me and just explain that I have no intention of being branded a thief by anyone. I am astounded, I was going merrily along thinking I was doing something decent and it turns out I am aiding a thief, I am absolutley devastated and I hope the other members of the team wake up and smell the coffee sooner rather than later!
    I am also on the Kenny K DT and feel that if anything were to happen it could taint Kenny and I would be absolutely floored by that, so I'm getting out before it gets any worse.
    Again, thanks for the heads-up, I am extremely grateful to you.
    Andy Llewelyn-Brinsley.

  32. Hi Jenn!

    Well, I can see we share the same feelings towards this site...

    She used one of my card in her latest Anything Goes challenge, and I reported her to Blogger for Copyright Infringement. Blogger removed the post earlier today. She has it back up, minus my card.

    I will not miss an opportunity to report her to blogger each and every time! They will soon get fed up with her....