Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Jane

Dear Jane - 

You are right - I won't publish your disgusting anonymous comment.  Since you admitted to NOT knowing me, how dare you judge myself or my family for our feelings - especially since you obviously have no idea what is going on behind the scenes?  You should be ashamed of yourself but apparently that particular emotion seems to elude many people.  Our hearts are still broken and we are still picking up the pieces... it's been 6 months now and I am just learning that grieving is a long process that goes through many steps.  My heart breaks for the entire family and my only point was that acting like jerks will not bring her back.  I stand by my original blog post.

1 comment:

  1. As someone who knows YOU and the situation, Jane obviously is ill informed and missed the entire point. And YOU selfish?? Oh my word - she obviously doesn't know you AT ALL or else she would know about your years of dedicated work with and for cancer victims. How even though you wanted or needed something for yourself, instead you were splurging on some kids going through chemo (usually several at a time!) or a young mom facing cancer. How even though your heart wasn't fully in it, you agreed to try to move to CA because it meant an opputunity for the rest of your family. I could go on and on but Jane doesn't get it so I won't.

    YOU are a good person Jenn. That I know to be true!