Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update to let you know that we moved into our new place this past weekend - I have been working feverishly ever since Friday to get this place put together so it would feel like Christmas around here.  I'll take some pics later to share - the closets are being done on the 29th, so I still have about 20-25 boxes to unpack once the closets are done, but it's already looking like a HOME.  I'm so happy, I could burst.  It's just so true, that you really don't appreciate stuff until you don't have it.  Spending the past 4 months as a house-guest at gram's was really starting to take a toll on me, mostly emotionally & mentally.  Christmas made it even worse - but we made it and we're so appreciative of all of the love & support we've received along the way.

As I was unpacking, I would squeal with delight when I found certain things - like my rubber stamps from TGF, All That Scraps, and Stamping Bella!  LOL  I am so itching to get back into making cards and participating in challenges!!!  Then there were some sad surprises, too - a few broken Precious Moments figurines... the worst was when I unpacked this beautiful Precious Moments nurse doll that my aunt had given me years ago... it was about 10-12 inches tall with a porcelain head and hands and cloth body... yes, I say "was" - I unpacked her, said "Oh, I am sooooo glad she didn't get broken!" - I then put her down, she fell over and her head smashed into a thousand pieces.  Such is life, right?  A year ago, I might have cried for an hour over that - more over the sentimental value than anything - but today, I have a different perspective on things.  They are just that - things.  So I threw her away and moved on to the next box.  I was quite proud of myself.

OK - sorry no pics today, but I have been too busy to take any!  I will be back later in the week, before Christmas.  Jeremy & I are off to do some last-minute Christmas shopping today.  


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  1. WOOHOO!!!!!!! I am so happy you are in! May this Christmas be filled with lots of magic and wonder!! HUGS!!