Sunday, April 22, 2012

HDH Macabre Monday & The Kraft Journal

Happy Earth Day and Happy Birthday to my baby girl, Cassidy.  She's 17 years old today - isn't she beautiful?  She's just as beautiful inside as she is out:

I love this kid with all my heart, I can't imagine life without her.  She lights up a room, she's goofy and funny and smart and silly and beautiful and caring.  She talks baby talk to her kitty.  She can't touch towels unless she wets her hands first.  She hates to be embarrassed (just like me).  She is shy in a crowd of strangers, but loves to the be the center of attention with her friends (just like me).  She is a mama's girl.  She is tough on the outside, but a softie on the inside.  But she doesn't like to show it.  She would do anything for her friends, but she's smart enough to know that most of her friends wouldn't do the same for her.  In other words, she knows that most of the people she calls "friends" aren't really her friends.  But she's OK with that, too, because she is a kid and likes to have fun and just knows enough not to get taken advantage of.  I'm constantly in awe of her.  I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  She's awesome.  :)  Happy birthday, awesome 17-year-old princess.  I love you.
Since I do all my crafting on weekends, I'm always squeezing in last minute for the:

I made an ATC using a pirate map from Spyder's Corner, and some images I found by googling "pirate coloring pages".  I made my pirate standing in a pool of blood with blood on his sword.  Bwa-ha-ha.  That's a creepy laugh.

OK - moving on - this next card is for:

The items from my stash include the image, which I printed out MONTHS ago and never used, and the Kraft ribbon, which I've had for a good.... 6 years?  ROFL
Have a fabulous Sunday/Earth Day!  :)  Peace.


  1. Happy happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! I hope today is filled with all she wants and more! she so obviously takes after her sweet momma! :)
    thanks for all you do, dear friend!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter Jenn!!
    Great cards today - love them both (as always)!!

  3. Happiest of birthdays to your gorgeous daughter! Hope all her birthday dreams come true. She's turned out to be a lovely lady, no doubt becuase of the loving devotion of her very special Mom.
    Fabulous pirate card, hon. Got a kick out of you pointing out the pool of blood. Thanks for joining us for MM at HDH again this week. xxD

  4. forgot to say your b&w card is lovely too. Very cool sentiment for the image. xxD

  5. happy b-day cassidy, she is beautiful jenn, your cards are great

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful princess!! HUGS!

  7. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, she sounds just like the kind of girl I would love for mine to be like when they are older. Brill work on both cards, thanks for playing along with Macabre Monday x

  8. Happy birthday to your baby girl Jenn! Your card is wonderful! Great distressing and a really cool image. I wonder how big a laugh I would get in a couple of years if I started putting purchase dates on my craft goodies. LOL Glad to see I'm not the only long term hoarder. :-) Thanks so much for sharing this with us at The Kraft Journal!

  9. Great stash finds.. I love the image and I am so glad you used it for the challenge. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter too. Thanks for joining us at The Kraft Journal this week.