Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tiddly Inks and Stuff

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling absolutely awful.  Not sick - just miserable.  I couldn't really put my finger on why I felt so badly (PMS never helps, of course...), but I just kept wanting to cry.  I finally took a nice, hot shower (see, Christy, I should have done that earlier... hee hee) and while I was in there crying, I realized something.  A year ago today, I was the Bursar of a local private college - I was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and involved in all kinds of things.  Then I quit my job for the big move to California that didn't end up happening, and I quit being a SU! demo because I was informed that I couldn't promote other stamp companies while representing SU!  We had already given up the home we rented, so we had to stay with Jeremy's 80-year-old grandmother for a few months - which was super nice of her to let us do, but definitely NOT fun and not easy with 2 teenagers and a cat.

During the Summer, I had been busy helping Jeremy's dad (he is the one who was in the horrible motorcycle accident last Spring and lost his wife), helping Jeremy's gram, and getting the kids enrolled in school.  During the Fall, I was busy getting our new apartment ready, figuring out how we were going to celebrate Christmas, and still helping Jeremy's dad out.  So what I realized is that now that we're settled, now that Jeremy's dad doesn't need as much help, I feel like I am not really a part of anything. It made me feel kind of lost, I guess.  So then I started throwing myself into doing challenges and basing my own self-worth on whether I "won" or not.  So silly, I know.  *sigh*  Geez, what our emotions can do to us, huh?

Anyway - I slapped myself upside the head and decided to get involved with stuff again, now that I have the time.  More stuff.  Stuff that makes me feel good because it makes other people feel good.  ChemoAngels and writing (I have had several things published in the past, I'm proud to say, but couldn't devote any time to writing once I started working full-time), for a start.  And stamping for FUN - cuz that's what it is really all about.  Creating for OTHERS. Someone had to remind me of that, and I greatly appreciate the gentle and sweet way she did.  :)  When I make cards, I consider it artwork but I also consider it my therapy.  I truly enjoy doing it, everything from choosing the image and the papers to the coloring and deciding on what embellishments to use, etc.  I truly love it.  And I love the fact that I've "met" so many wonderful and talented women who share my passion.

 So in that spirit, I created a card for a little contest that one of my favorite artists, Christy Croll, is having at Tiddly Inks.  You can read about it here.  

This is an image called "By Royal Decree" and I just adore her!  I used Stampin' Up! designer paper from the Kaleidoscope pack, orange gemstone brads on her crown, and paper-pieced her clothes and boots.  The fiber/ribbon and buttons are from my stash.

Hope you are all creating with love, and with a smile in your heart.  Peace.


  1. Jenn, you are too funny and too sweet. :) I totally get all those feelings. :) You are soooo creative and I know you will find something lovely (like making those gorgeous cards) to fill that void. Sounds like you had a really tough year and now it is time for you. :) How lovely!

    And just so you know, this card is a total winner and going in the shop as an it. :) Thanks for sharing some of you life and for always sharing beautiful cards. You are a gem!

  2. Hi Jenn,

    I could really relate to things you were saying...amd it is therapy our card making isn't it? time flies, I don't know about you when I'm crafting. Love your card and those tiddly inks images are fab. Love the colours and the feathery bits! Hugs, Teresa x

  3. Beautiful card Jenn!!!

    It´s very good you have a therapy like card making and crafting, when things aren´t going well find something you like to do is a great escape. I can understand you ;)