Friday, February 4, 2011


I took a little break from making cards yesterday, just needed a day to clean the house (holy DUST!) and all that.  Jeremy has a snowmobile and the kids have been itching to ride it, so he let them both take a spin yesterday afternoon.  We have several feet of snow piled up around here, as you can see (actually, these pics don't really do it justice... the paths that are snow-blowed have about 3 feet of snow on each side of them!) - and Jeremy made a "track" around the backyard to drive the snowmobile around.  Here's Cassidy (she's almost 16):

(BTW, we're New Englanders - we don't need coats....HA!)

And here is Trevor (he's 17):

They would love to just get on and GO but we have to pretty much be in the middle of a blizzard for them to do that - maybe this weekend, at the rate we've been getting snow!  They are saying we will get more snow on Saturday and then the "possibility of a big storm next Thursday".  We have had big storms on Wednesday/Thursday for the past 4 weeks in a row!  They are starting to talk about how the schools are going to make up all the missed time - possibly extended days or canceling one of their vacations (April?)... but I don't see how they can do that when so very many people make plans for vacations.  Would a child be penalized for the absences if their parents already bought and paid for non-refundable plane tickets?  I guess we shall see!

Have a wonderful Friday, my friends.  I've got a bunch of card ideas I want to try out today - which was an unexpected benefit of taking the day off yesterday, I actually had time to think and plan what I wanted to create today.  :)  Peace.

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  1. Heck no...we didn't need coats yesterday, it was downright balmy!!! Say it isn't so about another storm next week????