Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SNR Staff Member Announcement!

I am SUPER excited to share some big news with you all today - big news for me, anyway!  I am happy to report that I was one of 13 applicants chosen out of a pool of over 100 for a staff position at Scrapbook News & Review magazine!  You can see the official announcement here.  Please join me in welcoming the following new staff members:

Azura Alyssa
Judy Applegarth
Jenn Borjeson (that's me!)
Christy Butters
Gini Cagle
Barb Craft
Sarah Denham
Corrie Jones
Maureen Esquillo-Kao
Amanda Kuykendall
Candace Lawlor
Fabiane Ormerod
Tracey Wilson

Part of the application process was to submit a scrapbook page with the theme "About Me"... seeing how I don't really scrapbook, and I wanted to make sure this page really reflected me (so I didn't want to give any false pretenses that I was a big scrapbooker), I decided to do my page like a big card.  LOL  Here is the page I made for submission, using the angel from the Greeting Farm's Naughty or Nice set and Stamping Anya (I altered them to combine them into one image, Stamping Angel Anya - ha!):
I am really looking forward to this new endeavor and I would especially like to thank Dan & Kate Koch, the Executive Editors of SNR, who really made us newbies feel welcome and "at home" right away.  I can't wait to get started!

I will be back tomorrow with more challenge cards.  I never realized how many challenge blogs there were out in Cyber-Land until I had time to actually start searching for new ones - holy cow!  There are endless choices for card-making challenges, everything from sketches to themes to colors to.... you get the idea!  I prefer to participate in challenges that accept a blog link to the challenge card, I am not crazy about the "gallery challenges" where you post your card in a gallery somewhere with a tag or keyword.  The reason for this is that I find very few people actually look at those cards or leave comments - and I don't know about you all, but one of the reasons I enjoy my craft so much is that I get to share it with others who appreciate it.  I make a point to visit certain galleries that are sorely neglected and leave comments, just because I know how much it means to the crafter to know that someone likes what they did.  If you're going to take the time to participate in a challenge, you want to know that someone is at least looking at your card.  This is why I love the TiddlyInks challenge blog so much, to be honest... their entire design team makes a point to try to visit and comment on every single entry (blog post).  Not only that - they actually take the time to answer any questions or address any issues that crafters may comment about on their blog - I think that's awesome and I wanted to publicly thank all of the Design Team members, along with Christy (head TiddlyInker!) for that!



  1. YAY!!! :) Congrats, Jenn....that is awesome! :)

  2. Wow! That sounds really exciting...congrats!!! Thanks for giving a shout out to Tiddly Inks! They are a great group of ladies! =D