Thursday, September 24, 2009

The winner is....

LINDA! Linda - you are the only one who left a comment, so you win the new package of Stampin' Up! Designer Series background paper, it's a 6x6 package. I'll give it to you the next time we get together. Thank you for being my friend - and thank you for reading my blog and leaving comments, I really appreciate it. This has been a crappy week and I'm feeling sorry for myself - I'm sure raging PMS isn't helping. *sigh*

Work has been stressing me out - and it's funny because it's not the "work" itself - it's people. I have a really hard time with miserable people who like to make everyone else miserable. I am just the kind of person who tries to be happy and smile and... I'm just NICE to people. I have a particular co-worker (who thankfully does NOT work in my building) who I have tried to be friends with for a few years now. I say "tried" because I've realized that it's just impossible to really be her friend. She's miserable. She's depressed - she's always ready for a fight. She's the kind of co-worker that you cannot ask ONE question to or she thinks you are accusing her of doing something wrong. I'm just sick of it. Yesterday I had the worst day at work since that person who made all of our lives miserable left in June. It sucked, and I hate feeling that way. I do think it might be time to start exploring my options, though, because things cannot keep going the way they are at my work without the place falling apart. It's scary, though, because I really love my job and I hate change. So much to think about.

And then there's my 14-year-old daughter who is a true teenager now. She's going to give me gray hair VERY quickly and I am learning how hard it really is to be a good parent. I think we'll get through this all just fine in the long run, because I AM a good parent (and so is my hubby) and she is really a good kid deep down - but I have to remind her of that so that she'll STAY that way. It's going to be a long 4 years (and a lot of tears, I'm sure)!!! Wish me luck.

Gotta get ready for work. Peace.

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  1. awww Jenn I am so sorry work is that way. You are such a good person and I know how you act and talk and you are always so positive and upbeat. It is hard when someone else is a negative factor all the time.

    As for the other issue, 4 years? Oh I PRAY it last ONLY 4 years! LOL She is a good kid and you are good parent so somehow you will come out OK on the other end - if you don't choke each other in the meantime!!

    I hope today is better!! lots of hugs, Linda