Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crappy week, cute cards, I didn't win.

Yeah, I didn't win the spot on the design team. *sigh* I was more disappointed than I thought I'd be.

We had a traumatic event take place the other night. Jeremy's grandfather passed away. He was 81 years old and I really just thought he'd live forever. Silly, I know. It was the first time I'd been involved in something like this - we were at the hospital while he was on life support, we were part of the decision-making process. My husband was practically raised by his grandparents, these people mean the world to us. My heart just broke. It's been a rough few days, and it's going to be a long week. The visiting hours are tomorrow night, funeral is Friday morning. We're getting through it. My kids were close to grandpa, especially Trevor. This is their very first experience with losing someone they love. Death sucks, but it's a fact of life. They are dealing with it very maturely for teenagers, I think. I'm very proud of them.

OK - sorry to be so depressing, but I share my life here, so you gets the bad along with the good. Now here's some good - my friend Missy had me make thank-you cards for her daughters' birthday pool party, I made a variety of them, they came out pretty cute, I used Surfer Ian and Hula Anya from the Greeting Farm:


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  1. Yes, death sucks!! But like you said, it is a fact of life. Still, it doesn't make it any easier. I am so so sorry my friend! Jen was 5and Jay 7 when my Nany died. She lived with folks so my kids were very close to her. We had a private viewing for the kids and Jen climbed up into the casket to kiss her. She has the right attitude!!

    Sending lots of hugs!!

    PS the cards are adorable!!