Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just a life update...

Thursday night, I went to a fundraiser for the Junior League of Worcester - my cousin and friend Christina volunteers for this organization, that's her in the glasses below. She is a PHENOMENAL woman who never stops, literally. I think she probably sleeps for like 2 hours every night, if that. She totally rocks, and I adore her. This picture was funny because Missy, Angela, me and Shannon were posing when Christina walked by and jumped in the picture. A woman who was walking with Christina looked at me and said "If you only knew her, you'd understand." And I cracked up laughing and said "Yes, she's my cousin - I understand!" hee hee

It was supposed to be a "Girls' Night Out" kinda thing, but Jeremy had a crappy week and day, so I invited him to tag along. This is Jeremy and me, I like this picture:
This is my friends teaching me the difference between a WRISTLET (with a strap) and a CLUTCH (no strap)... I don't have the heart to tell them that I will never call it anything other than a freaking pocketbook... LOL:
Ange, me and Missy posing underneath Jeremy's Union Hall sign:

This picture is priceless, I laughed for a half hour when I saw it:
So yeah, we had a really good time that night. We were home by midnight, because the night started so early, 6:00! I had taken the next day off from work because Jeremy's mom Dori and sister Chelsea came from California to visit.

Saturday morning Jeremy and I cleaned the entire house then we went to breakfast with Dori and Chelsea and Trevor. Today Dori and Chelsea are coming to have dinner with us, Dori is buying us LOBSTERS!!! Yum! They are staying with us tonight and tomorrow night before heading back to California. Chelsea is about 24 years old now, and I had not seen her in probably ten years - so she was about Cassidy's age the last time I saw her! She is beautiful and a sweetheart, I'm thankful for the chance to get to know her.

What else? Oh yeah - I'm working with an artist on designing my new tattoo. I'm still planning on a small bumblebee to honor Meg - and I'm 90% sure it's going to be on my foot. Stay tuned for more details.

OK off to finish the laundry and maybe make a few cards before my company arrives. Peace!

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  1. That is a great picture of you and Jeremy - you sghould frame it. You guys are so darn cute together!!

    Isn't this weather great? I have been stipping wallpaper and painting since Thursday - but at least I can open the window!

    have a great week! hugs, me