Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!!! We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did, too! Our family's big celebration is on Christmas Eve. It's been this way since I was a little girl. This year, we gathered at my parents' house along with a few of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and their significant others. We had a really good time and here are some of the pictures from the evening.

My cousin Amanda and me - she's the baby of the family and will turn 20 in a couple of weeks (my mom has 7 sisters and 2 brothers - I am the 2nd oldest cousin, daughter of the 2nd oldest daughter - Amanda is the youngest daughter of the youngest daughter - the very youngest cousin - you following me? hee hee):

This is my auntie Karen and Trevor, they have always "clicked" LOL Eric and Christopher - I love this picture - Eric is so patient for a 17-year-old boy!
Me and Jeremy, I love this picture!

Cassidy looking all sweet and innocent, I also love this picture!
Papa and my mom, so cute:

Joshua and Cassidy - cousins:

Jeremy and Cassidy - he wanted me to take the picture, but he was CHEWING food - I snapped it 4 times and finally gave up, LOL:

This is me, my mom, and my sister - I love this picture:

Trevor and Eric - Trevor idolizes his cousin:

We went to my parents' house around 4:00 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve and we got home around 9:30/10:00 that night. Christmas morning Trevor and I had to wake Cassidy up at 7:00 to open gifts! LOL They had a blast and got everything that they wanted. Trev got an XBOX 360, games for the XBOX, some CD's, a comforter for his bed, a cell phone, and lots of gift cards. Cassidy got an iPod Touch, gift cards, some clothes, a gorgeous new quilt and sheet set for her bedroom, and a digital camera. Let's just say if I hear "I'm bored" ONCE between now and the time they go back to school, I cannot be held responsible for my reaction. ;o)

What did I get for Christmas? I'm glad you asked! I was psyched to get lots of stuff for my new house this year! I got an awesome standing mixer that I've wanted for a long time, a new set of pots and pans, and new silverware. I got Jeremy 2 tickets to a Boston Bruins game in March, it was a surprise and he was thrilled. His grandparents also renew our AAA membership every year for Christmas, which I LOVE. We had a really nice holiday and I can hardly believe that I still have another whole WEEK off from work! I feel like I haven't been there in forever! LOL

Right before we moved, the TV in our bedroom gave up on us. It was an old TV and it just stopped working. Thanks to Jeremy's mom, we were able to buy a new TV for ourselves for Christmas. We got a super deal on a flat screen 32" VIZIO at Walmart for our living room, and moved the old TV from there up into our bedroom. We have not bought new things for ourselves in years - when we first moved got married 15 years ago, we had bought a new living room set, mattress set, etc. Then we had kids and they sucked every stinkin' cent out of us and we rarely bought anything new for US again. hee hee So it was nice to buy something for ourselves. My plan is to buy a new living room set when we get our tax refund check in the Spring - a sectional would look so nice in the new house.

Hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend and that you are able to get some good deals on those after-Christmas sales! Peace.

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  1. It was so nice to see pics of everyone - especially your mom and papa!! They look so young!! LIKE ME!! LOL

    Can't wait to see the new house - I am so glad you got something for you and DH!!