Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My cousin Carissa's baby shower was this past Sunday, so I figured I'd share some pictures of the event, along with the gift that I made her.
Here she is - the guest of honor!

Me and Angela, my cousin but also my good friend (do we look happy and relaxed? You can thank Lorazapam for that... actually, our entire FAMILY should be thanking the makers of Lorazapam... hee hee):

Me and my cousin Shaye, who I don't get to see very often even though we live within 10 minutes of each other!
This is "the baby" and me, Amanda is the youngest of all of the cousins, isn't she so freaking adorable? She's just as sweet as she is cute!
Here is my sister Michelle and Amanda, being silly:
This is Shaye, Shell, and Aimee. Aimee is my cousin Nick's girlfriend, hopefully his WIFE some day, if she's crazy enough to permanently join this nutty family! :o) LOL
Amber and Cassidy
This is my mother with 6 of her 7 sisters, and their mom (Bonnie, Connie, Andy, Sandy, Karen, Debbie, Nana, Pammy - you can't see Pammy's face):
Here is the card I made for Carissa:

And the gifts - this is a box that I re-decorated and filled with baby thank-you cards (it says "Crib Notes"):
And here are the thank-you cards, I made a bunch of different ones (she knows it's a boy - well, we certainly hope they were right! LOL):

Then I also made her a set of baby boy birth announcements, here are some of the different styles:

The shower went well, Carissa got a lot of adorable baby boy clothes and some necessities like a high-chair, etc. She has a couple more baby showers, lucky girl, so she should end up with everything that she needs for this baby. I am so happy for her, it's such an exciting time having a new baby (especially when it's someone ELSE'S baby! ha!).
This is a good week for me - I have Thursday and Friday off, to do FUN stuff, so I'm already looking forward to it. It will be like a little mini-vacation. Tomorrow will be my Friday, sweet! I'm already stressing out about Christmas, too, and driving my poor husband crazy. So my plan is to get started on my Christmas shopping and hopefully be able to get myself a little more relaxed about it all. I do this every year, and every year everything works out just fine, so I don't know why I put myself through this. I guess it's part of the joy of the holiday season! LOL
Hope you're all having a good week! Peace.


  1. great pics Jenn, looks like all went well and everyone had a good time.. Very nice gift that you made, I am sure she loved it.

  2. What a great gift Jenn! Any mother to be would enjoy those. I love the color combo's too!!

    Looking forward to Thursday!!

    hugs, me

  3. Wow Jenn when you get crafty you really make a lot :)

    I enjoyed the pictures too. TFS

  4. wow, Love the gifts you made Beautiful!!!