Saturday, August 30, 2008

Do you love my blog?

Well, Steph does!

Awwwww - isn't that sweet? Thank you to my friend Stephanie at Stephanie's Stampin Spot! for giving me this award, I am honored! Steph used to live in Worcester and she found me through Stampin' Up!'s "online locator" a few years ago when she needed to order something. She moved to South Carolina but she is still my loyal customer, which I appreciate so very much! She is also my stamping buddy and friend - you can never have too many of those!

The kids are back to school and we have returned to some type of routine, which really feels good after such a whirlwind of a Summer! Here they are on their first day - Trevor of 10th grade:

And Cassidy started 8th grade - Missy cut about 3 inches off of Cassidy's hair the night before school started, and Missy helped her straighten it, it came out really cute:Don't you love her shirt? PEACE RULES - that's my girl! That apple really doesn't fall far from the tree, I tell you!

Things have been SUPER busy at work, which can be draining but also fun - it sure makes the day go by fast. I definitely don't have the type of job that drags by, no clock-watching for me! By the time I look at the clock, it's usually almost time to go home! Our freshmen move in on Monday, so I am working that day to help make sure they are all financially cleared (which basically means they've paid their bill in full) and can receive their keys. The rest of our undergrads move back in on Wednesday, and classes start on Thursday - so I expect the next couple of weeks to be pretty busy, too.

Wanna see my new glasses? I love them - I'm one of those people who could care less about name brands and stuff, but I always seem to pick out expensive stuff without even realizing it. I'll say to Jeremy, "oh look at that cute little car - I'd like one of those!" and he'll just shake his head at me and say "Jenn, that car costs more than our HOUSE!" LOL These frames are Perry Ellis and I will not tell you how much they cost - but I definitely splurged. Like 'em?

Jeremy and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on August 28. We went to dinner and had a nice time - we talked about when we got married and when we were young. We talked about what we'd do to celebrate our 20th and 25th anniversaries - and I realized how lucky we are to like each other enough to be thinking that far ahead. hee hee Seriously, though, we hope to do something really romantic - hopefully both kids will be in college and/or the military by our 20th (they will be 18 and 20!), so we are going to try to plan for a romantic cruise or trip to somewhere exotic. I'll keep you posted!

Have a great Labor Day weekend - no drinking and driving. Wear your seatbelt, no texting while driving, all that good stuff. Be safe, my friends.


  1. Hey girl! COngrats on the award!

    Love the new glasses - they make you look so professional - must be the new job huh??

    Happy Anniversary!

    hugs, me

  2. Great Glasses!!! Congrats on your Anniversary!

  3. Oh my, a girl after my own heart. I do the same thing...see a cute car and THEN realize it's an EXPENSIVE one, LOL!

    Great frames!

  4. Hi Jenn, and thanks for stopping by my blog! How'd you find me? I've bookmarked you so that I can come back and do some more reading of your bloggy!

    Justine :o )

  5. Your kids are cute. Your daughter looks so much like you. My daughter HATES when people say that to her because everyones says it. lol

  6. Hello friend! Hope you got the very late Birthday gift?

    I am just amazed after seeing Trevor and Cass...I told ya they'd grow up too quickly, right?

    The Perry Ellis frames are to die for and totally worth the splurge.

    Enjoy your new job perks, Jenn. You totally deserve good things!