Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's official....

We are moving again! I can hardly believe I'm even saying it, but I'm really excited about this. We are getting a break on rent for a bigger place, and I think I am most excited about getting my stamping room back!!! Jeremy is going to meet with the landlord, Lindsey, today, and firm things up. The house is vacant, so she already told Jeremy that she is fine with us starting to move things in whenever we want. We plan on doing the "big move" the weekend before Christmas. I have the last 2 weeks of December into January off from work, so it's a perfect time, actually. You know, when we moved into the house we are renting now, it was not a happy time for us. We were disappointed and disgusted with the situation we had just come out of - we were in a rush, and had to settle on the first house that was in a good neighborhood and that we could live in comfortably. I've been happy where we are now, but it never really felt like "home" - you know? I never even put curtains up - things like that. It just felt.... temporary. This feels like it's the right thing for us, like this is going to be HOME - hopefully for many years.
It's really quite funny/ironic how things fall into place. A little over a year ago, Trevor was still not even diagnosed with Asperger's yet and he was having so many problems in school. He was miserable, and we were miserable! We had lost our home and life just felt pointless. I was starting to really feel depressed over everything, but I have always tried to hold on to the belief that "everything happens for a reason." Eventually, I just had to kind of let go and leave it all to fate. And that is when things seemed to start working out. Trevor got his diagnosis and I started to learn a lot about Asperger's, which made things better at home, as well. We had him moved to a new class, which also helped. Eventually, we had him moved to the school he is at now, which has been an absolute miracle, as far as I'm concerned. And I look back on all this and realize that everything happened the way it was supposed to - and turned out for the best, even though at the time it would have been really hard to believe that it was! LOL
So on to some fun stuff! My friend Missy's daughter Molli turned 5 yesterday. She had a "purse-themed" cake and party the other day, so I made her this cute card, which I thought came out pretty damn good, considering I made it myself without a template or anything:

I think I told you all how I went out last Wednesday night with my dear friend An, and that we went to this fundraiser that she helped organize. It was at a private country club and was quite ritzy - I had brought $100 with me and quickly realized that I was slumming it! LOL There were pocketbooks for $350, T-shirts for $120, etc. Since the shopping wasn't looking good for me, I decided to throw $20 away on raffle tickets, figuring it was for a good cause anyway. I put most of my tickets into this cool blown-up balloon filled with scratch tickets - and guess what? I WON! I couldn't believe it, I never win anything! The woman finally dropped it off to me yesterday (she had called me Friday and assured me she'd drop it off over the weekend - she was kind of strange and acted almost annoyed that I didn't want to drive to Northboro, where she was, to pick it up - but whatever) and I went home last night and realized there were 40 tickets in this thing! Here it is all blown up and pretty: There were 30 $2.00 tickets and 10 $1.00 tickets. I ended up winning a grand total of $62.00. I was thrilled - it was fun scratching them and it was $62.00 that I didn't have when I started, so I felt like a winner! LOL

Well, wish me luck on packing and organizing my life before we move. I'll take pictures the next time we're there and share them with you. Peace!


  1. Congrats Jenn on the new house! I am excited for you...and I am glad it is you moving again and not me...LOL. Congrats on winning the lotto raffle also. I never win anything either. Can't wait to see pics of the new house.

  2. Yippee! So glad it's official!! I hope the moving Fairy shows up and makes it easier on you too!! hugs, ME

  3. Wow Congrats on the move. It sounds wonderful. My oldest is 5 too. I didn't realize that are kids are that in sync. Love that cake. Its so diva *LOL*

  4. Congrats on the move !Hope it goes smoothly ...... Very cute card .....LOve it :) And Yay on the win