Friday, January 29, 2021

7 ATC's in 7 Days/Oddball Art

  Hey there!  So I screwed up bigtime - I haven't participated in challenges in SO LONG that I totally forgot I was supposed to be using Oddball Art images!  LOL  So I redid all of my ATC's and figured I'd just share them all here in one post.  So the challenge was 7 ATC's in 7 Days with Oddball Art, and I really did have a blast playing along.  It's so nice to feel like I have my mojo back!

Day 1's theme was Gratitude (I am so grateful for cannabis in both my professional and personal life):

Day 2's theme was Smash Something so I did the same thing I had done earlier and used that little pad of paper I had from the Smash line of scrapbooking products:

The theme for Day 3 was Your Space (are you motivated by it or what could you change so that you are?):

Day 4 encouraged us to Do Something New so I tried this technique called Paper Pulling that I read about in a book I have called Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin:

Day 5's theme was Advice to Yourself (if you could go back in time 5 years, what would you say to yourself?).  Five years ago my husband and I were purchasing our home, I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis and very sick, and we were just starting up our business, a cannabis competition and tradeshow event called The Harvest Cup.  I was torn between staying at my full-time "normal" job or quitting and focusing on my health and our new business. I did end up quitting the job in 2017 and if I could go back, I'd encourage myself to quit sooner and not feel guilty about taking care of myself and following my dreams:

The theme for Day 6 was Favorite Song - I chose "Witchy Woman" by the Eagles and had so much fun playing with alcohol inks for the background for this one and the one above:

And last, but not least, was Day 7 - Commitment.  How can you turn crafting into a commitment, what motivates you to craft every day, to grow as an artist?  Here's my take on that:

I hope you enjoyed these fun little works of art and that you are inspired to create your own!  Peace.

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