Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Route 1 - Sonoma County to Mendocino County

So here are the pics from our 5-hour drive up the west coast of California, from Sonoma County to Mendocino County.  We set out in the afternoon and returned just as the sun was setting - it was gorgeous.  I had almost 100 pictures, so I tried to be "picky" with what I shared, so as not to bore you... but man, what a beautiful ride.  Here we go:

 Yes, this is the ROAD you see below.... it literally has cliffs on each side:

House Jeremy and I claimed as ours (hee hee - and either one will do...):
 I just love this picture, something about the barbed wire... I don't know, I just love it:

Wild peacocks!  ha ha ha  We were cracking up:

   So there you go!  Gorgeous, no?  Yes.  I cannot WAIT to go back. *sigh*  I will have more pics to share of our road trip returning back home... we really do live in a beautiful country.  Peace.

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