Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Summer Stuff

My life is starting to get back on track... we are going to be living in a brand new apartment at Jeremy's dad's house within the next month or so. I cannot WAIT to get back to stamping and card-making... I tear up a little every time I think of all my stuff sitting in a storage bin in California. LOL
Anyway - for now, here are some pics from the Summer. These first ones are from my birthday (August 6) - this is me, Missy, and Patty:

My friend Dave and me (we've been friends since we were about 15):

Me and Mis:

Me and Tanya:

Me and my guys - Jeremy, Dan, and Tim:

This was from another night out - Tracie, Kerry, me and Beth:

And these are my 2 sisters-in-law, Kelsey & Brittney - I just love them:

I will have more to share soon - although I am extremely grateful for all of the help we've received, I am REALLY looking forward to getting back to some normalcy and having my own place again.

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  1. Good seeing you post again!! I can't wait to see your creativity soon!! Hugs!!!!!