Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I love rubber duckies, did you know that? They are just so adorable and they make me smile.
See? You know you smiled. What is cuter than a rubber ducky wearing shades? How about this guy? ROFL My daughter Cassidy is nuts - but besides that, she's like "cat girl" - all of our cats (we have 3) are hers. They follow her around and come when she calls them! This is her favorite - his name is Cubby and he's like our perpetual kitten. He's about 3 years old now but still acts like a baby. He lets Cassidy pick him up and hold him and dress him up, etc. This is him wearing sunglasses - isn't he cute? And this one on the left is him trying to use Cassidy's phone to send a text message. I swear he's part human, to tell you the truth. He doesn't make a sound unless you talk to him. Ask him a question and he'll answer you, I swear! But I'll bet you can guess why Cassidy is their favorite - see?


  1. I did smile you silly girl! Love your duckies!

    hugs, Linda

  2. Ha, ha, that's so funny about the cat sending a text message! Cassidy is adorable. I have a 'nutty' daughter, too. She's 23 now, and she's always made me laugh. When she was a baby, she smiled so much we called her "laughin' Katherine."
    My three boys have great senses of humor, too. It's wonderful when you have a nutty, happy kid, isn't it?
    Rubber duckies are hysterical, but I think pink flamingos run a close second!