Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Girl's Day/Night!

Last Friday, my sister Michelle and I both had the day off from work. Her husband and kids were spending the weekend on a trip to Baltimore (I hope that's right, LOL) to see the RED SOX kick some butt. So Friday morning, we got up and went to breakfast at our favorite diner, Lou Roc's. Oh my yumminess. Then we went shopping for a bit, and then we met our friend Missy and her adorable little girl Molli, who is 4, for pedicures. Us big girls chose shades of dark pinks, and Molli chose purple. Now purple happens to be my favorite color, but I was thinking of my clothes and all that and purple just wouldn't have done it for me right then. But when we were all done, I actually liked Molli's color better! Now you have to know this child, she is a hot shit. She is FOUR, mind you, OK? FOUR. She is an absolute peanut with bleach blonde hair and big blue eyes and the most adorable glasses you have ever seen. So I say to her, "Molli, I LOVE the color on your nails!!" She looks at me very seriously and says "Well, you COULD have picked it, you know!" She is just too cute for words.

After pedicures, we shopped a bit more. Missy and Molli headed home and Michelle and I went to see a movie, The Strangers. It was creepy and scary and all that, but not great. It was really good at suspense - but very little dialogue and nothing to make you THINK at all, just creepy and suspenseful and then gross. I like Stephen King scary, M. Night Shamalyan scary, stuff that makes you scared cuz you imagine it could really happen, you know? So anyway, we did that and by then it was almost 4:30. Missy was meeting us back at Michelle's house for 5:00 so that's where we went. Once Missy got there, the 3 of us went to Foxwoods Casino and played Bingo, it was a blast! I love Bingo! LOL It was, oh, the 2nd time in my life I've played. None of us won anything at all, but we had fun for 3 hours playing! We then went to get some dinner and have a couple of drinks, and then my gambling addict friends just could not resist the pull of the slot machines. I truly do not enjoy slot machines - I get nauseous just thinking about putting in money and watching it go bye-bye. Geez, that was fun, pushing buttons for $20.00. I can push buttons on my washing machine at home for free! LOL But I wasn't a party pooper, I threw away $20.00 and pushed those damn buttons! I actually was up to $50.00 and I would have cashed in, but SOMEONE (I won't name any names, Missy, don't worry hee hee) pretty much assaulted me with shame and guilt for not pressing on for the BIG WIN!!! So I kept pushing and kept losing until it was all gone. It was fun, though, I laughed all day and all night. I didn't get home until almost 2 a.m. and I was thoroughly exhausted! We had an absolute blast - it's so rare that a bunch of MOMS gets to just go have fun for a day, you know? It was kind of weird having no worries, not having to remember to go anywhere or do anything - we just did what we wanted to all day!

I truly do get by with a little help from my friends. I think it's absolutely essential to the soul and the mind to be able to just let go once in a while, have fun, enjoy yourself. You really do only live once, it's not just a saying! And friends, sisters who are best friends, those kinds of relationships are so important. I'm a lucky girl, in a lot of ways.

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  1. I so agree - we do need to let go and laugh and live. And we so need our gal pals - hubbys and kids and other family are essential for most of us, but so aren't the gals in our lives. I am so glad you are one of them my friend! Hugs, Linda