Sunday, August 1, 2010

Girls' Weekend Getaway to Cape Cod

Can I just tell you that I had the best weekend EVAH? OMG - my cousin Angela, myself, and our friend Missy - we planned a beach trip, girls only. We went to the Riviera Resort in South Yarmouth, MA and it was just gorgeous. This was our room - when they say your room is "on the beach" they really mean ON THE BEACH:

This is the expensive bottle of tequila that Ange brought, along with the adorable shot glasses that Missy brought:

The view of the ocean from our little porch/deck:

Me and Ange:
Me & Mis:

Missy & Ange, getting ready to cut limes for our tequila:

Mis & me wearing the sombreros that she brought for us.... hee hee:

Just me, with my "margarita"... LOL:

The 3 amigos...
We had such a good time, it was awesome. Angela and Missy both have little kids at home, so for them it was nice to get away from being "mommy" all day long - especially at the beach. Normally, they cannot really relax at the beach, you know? My kids are older, so it's admittedly easier for me to get some "me time" if I need it! Anyway, we all appreciated our weekend away and we belly-laughed so much that our stomachs hurt. We made lots of memories and I will never forget it. xoxoxoxo
Love you girls, and thank you.

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