Sunday, August 30, 2009

I wanna be just like....

Here is my entry for the "I wanna be just like..." contest at Club Anya. This week, I wanna be just like Pam!

I was very pleased with how this turned out. I have a harder time making boyish cards - and I chose the colors and then thought the red might be too girly, but I think it came out cute!

So I figured I'd take some time to give you an update on life in general. The job is going well - really, much better than I had anticipated. I was so afraid of this position, Bursar, and even though the person who had the job before me made all of our lives miserable, I was afraid for her to get fired or quit because I had a feeling I'd be offered the job. So when all that really did happen, I was a bit terrified. But I've come to realize that said person who had the job before me was truly her own worst enemy. She made things 100 times more difficult than they needed to be, for herself and everyone else. I have come to realize that I can do things my own way - and I do. And it all seems to be working out just fine. I'm actually quite proud of myself. :o) Don't get me wrong, it's challenging and difficult and I have my days... but overall, I still love my job and I still don't mind getting up and going to work every day!

On Friday, Jeremy and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, giggled and reminisced about our wedding night - we were 22 years old, with a 6-week-old baby at home. We felt so grown-up at the time, but now I realize we were just babies ourselves! LOL After dinner, we came home and watched a movie (What Doesn't Kill You - based on a true story in Boston) on the couch with that baby, Trev, who is now almost a foot taller than me. hee hee We have certainly had our ups and downs over the past 16 years, and we've been through an awful lot together. We've made some mistakes and we've got some regrets, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and because of that, I wouldn't change a thing. For the most part, we've been extremely lucky. Here's to the next 16 years! Peace.

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  1. Happy 16th!! And many more happy years together with no regrets!!

    hugs, Linda