Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sucky week

OK so I really try to stay upbeat for the most part, but I gotta tell ya, some things just bring a sister down, no matter how hard she tries to see the sunny side. *sigh*

What is up with PMS, anyway? When is this going to end? I'm 36 years old, I've got 2 kids and a husband with a vasectomy - I am COMPLETELY ready to be done with this hormonal, annoying nonsense. I am sick of feeling like a lunatic ready to crawl out of my skin for, oh, 5-7 days each month. I am absolutely certain that my family would agree with me, as soon as they come out of hiding. he he :)

I've had quite the interesting week. I promised my family that I wouldn't share too much personal, embarrassing information about them with the world, so I'm sorry to be vague. I will tell you that I really wish that people would make an effort to understand my son and Asperger's. Especially people who might be responsible for discipline at certain high schools.... but really anyone who needs to interact with him. My husband and I were also treated very poorly by the school this week, and after several positive weeks of nothing but good reports, I feel like I'm on an emotional roller-coaster. And let's just say that this is an especially bad week for that, OK? Do you get my drift, sister? I knew you would. *sigh*
It's so hard to concentrate and actually work when this kind of stuff is going on - but you know, life goes on and you have to do what you have to do. I've come a long way, though, I have really learned to take deep breaths and not to over-react to situations that make me emotional. This just happened to be a BAD WEEK for this type of situation, OK?? *sigh* Luckily, I have a great group of people that I work with. If you have to spend 8-9 hours per day someplace, 5 days a week, it really helps to actually enjoy being there. I have the most wonderful friends at work, and it really helps me to maintain my sanity. As you know, because you have read every stinkin' one of my blog entries so far, I am also lucky enough to work with my sister, so I really have a great support system at work. I feel blessed to be in that kind of situation.

So did I manage to whine enough to let you know that I've had a tough week, but not enough to actually be annoying? I hope so - it makes me feel better to share my stories. Someone told me that someday, someone is going to benefit from the Hell that we've been through, and I think that she's probably right. So I'll keep talking about it and hope that someday, people understand autism and it's related disorders a little better and not make life so hard for these kids. Sometimes I feel like I would do anything to make life easier for Trevor, but then sometimes I think that if everything happens for a reason, then maybe this is making Trevor into the man he is supposed to be. So you know, we take it day by day and we're not really counting the 29 days until school is out for Summer vacation...


  1. Not counting huh? RIGHT! Seriously Jenn, It really stinks that the school doesn't get it. What hope is there if THEY don't get it. For anyone reading this, I KNOW how much Jenn has done for her son and what a sweet kid he is -oops I didn't mean sweet - I meant really cool! It just isn't right. No one should have THAT many obstacles in the way to adult hood. So I'll count the days down with you girl! Keep on, keeping on... you'll get there! Hugs, Linda PS I feel for your PMS....

  2. "Ooooohhh Child things are gonna get easier, ooooohhh child things are gonna get brighter"! That is what I keep telling myself anyways. I feel selfish sometimes when I have a bad week like last week and yours is like 10 times worse :( My problems seem so minor, yet my mind makes them out to be so HUGE!! I am just crazy that is all I know... Trevor will find his place in this crazy world I just know it... we just gotta keep drinking and trying to stay positive... NOT EASY I know... I am here and you know that for sure :) Love, Michelle