Sunday, August 7, 2011

HDH 100! Varying Visages of Vincent

First, I must tell you about the chance to win some blog candy corn... LOL  This week marks the 100th challenge at the Haunted Design House MACABRE MONDAY blog, which I discovered not too long ago!  To celebrate, they are giving away some blog candy

Simply click on the picture to read the rules and participate!

This week's challenge is called Varying Visages of Vincent... Vincent Price, that is.  Vincent would have turned 100 this year - as a child of the '70's, I can totally remember hearing his voice in movies and stuff and being creeped out.  For the challenge, we could draw our inspiration from anything Vincent Price had been involved in, and there are LOTS of movies, films, songs, pictures, etc. that I could have used!  But what I decided to base my project on is the "poem" that Vinny recites at the beginning of Michael Jackson's "THRILLER" - what do you think?

I'm also linking up to Blackdragon's Macabre Monday post!

When the Thriller video came out, I think I was 12 years old (this was when MTV played (gasp!) videos!  Remember that?)... and it scared the crap out of me.  LOL  Anyway, for this card I used another Creeper from TGF - doesn't this remind you of Michael?  LOL  I even colored the clothes to match Michael's red & black outfit from the video... hee hee  I splattered red paint all over the text to look like blood.  I love stepping away from the cutesy every week to participate in these fun challenges!  Peace.


  1. Great work. I loved thriller when I was a kid and this is brilliant. Thanks for playing along with Macabre Monday's 100th challenge x

  2. OOOh, this is fabulous Jenn! I'm kinda giggling at how much your image actually does look like Michael. Super cool idea! Thanks for joining the Minions for our celebration this week. xxD

  3. KIller card! Way to creep out a Creeper!
    Thanks so much for joining us for such a special challenge this week!