Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eric's graduation party!

You know, when you have children you really don't realize that some day they are going to grow up. I mean, intellectually you know this - of course you do. But psychologically, you really can't comprehend it. Being a parent is so all-consuming that it's almost impossible to imagine a day when things won't be the same. It's like one day you have little ones who hold your hand and demand to be tucked in at night and then POOF! They suddenly turn into teenagers who don't even want you to TOUCH them.. LOL So when the first kid of the family graduates from high school, it's quite an emotional event. And it makes you really think. Some day, my own kids are going to graduate from high school. And most likely, they will move out and have lives of their own. That's kind of.... scary. Of course it's also completely normal, but it's still scary.

We had a big party for my nephew Eric's graduation last night and we all had a blast. I'm so thankful to everyone who came and celebrated with us!

This is the box that I made for cards to go in:

This is the hall:

The table with the card-box, and a bunch of pictures. My sister and Missy made a beautiful collage of pictures of Eric and all of us from the time he was a baby. It was gorgeous. Then Michelle also had a photo album that Eric's kindergarten teacher had made for him, along with framed pics of Eric and Jay, Eric and me from the prom (hee hee) and a bunch of his graduation pics:

Close-up of the collage:

Eric and Jeremy

Eric and Trev

Eric and his momma:

me and Eric, doing his GQ pose... ROFL:

Shell and Eric dancing:

Missy and Eric dancing:

Josh and Cass, love her face in this one:

Eric and Cass:

Eric and Trevor, I LOVE this one cuz Trevor is really laughing, not the fake smile I usually get:

Me and my nana:Our cousin Amanda - she's just a year or two older than Eric and they have always been close. They have very similar goofy personalities, I just adore them:
Me, Eric, Missy, and Michelle:
Josh and Eric, brotherly love:


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  1. Oh Jenn - it looks like a wonderful time. It is so true, it seems like all of a sudden one day life has changed and they are grown! It is only scary for a little while - then it is fun seeing them do grown up things and getting out of the teenage crap and back into a sane human being again! LOL