Thursday, November 3, 2011

Squiggles and Giggles - Go Dotty!

What a crazy week this has been - today is November 3 but the kids in my city are doing their trick-or-treating tonight because of the freak snow storm we had over the weekend.  Some people still don't have power, but most do thankfully.

My sister invited us to Thanksgiving dinner at her house and I'm super excited about it.  My sis is my best friend and our kids get along great, so it makes it fun.  :)  The only thing that stinks is that our brother is the black sheep of the family and neither of us are speaking to him right now.  It's not little petty crap, either, he's hurt us and our families to the point that we can't allow him to stay in our lives and continue doing it.  But our mother - well, she's just not capable of seeing the situation for what it is.  She's made several comments to me lately about how "if our family was normal" or "if everyone could get along with no fighting..." and it's like a knife twisting in my heart every time she says it.  Our family is as "normal" as any other family. The only one who causes problems is our brother - so why try to make my sister and I feel badly instead of just accepting that he's a loser and moving on with life?  Make the best of the good stuff?  How about enjoying the fact that you have 2 good daughters who love you, not to mention 4 grandchildren who adore you?  *sigh*  I am so thankful for my sister, who is the one person in my life who makes me feel like I have FAMILY.  I don't know what I'd do without her and I hope I never have to find out.  :)

Anyway - for today I have a card for the:

I used the adorable FREEBIE they gave away called  Postage Elf, colored with Prismacolor pencils and mineral spirits and Prismacolor markers, and I added polka dots to his cap with a marker.  I found these little 6x6 mini DP pads at AC Moore for $3 AND I had a coupon for $5 off if you spent $20 (yeah, THAT wasn't hard to do!).  They are from My Mind's Eye and I had to have 5 of them!  LOL  They're all different, this one is called "Be Merry".  I added some ribbon scraps as tags and some buttons.

Oh!  The other thing I wanted to mention - last night I watched the movie Roadhouse... I had NEVER seen it before, can you believe that?  Jeremy couldn't believe it - so we watched it on TV and it was soooo good!  I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet, especially if you were a teen in the '80's!  OK - have a great day my friends.  Peace.


  1. Oh my gosh this is adorable. I love the DP you used.

    Family problems stink. I think secretly "mom's" have a special spot for their boys because it's so easy for son's to walk away from family. Where as a daughter is emotional and makes an effort to have a relationship with mom.

  2. Fab card, hun! I love the image and the papers you've used are perfect. Stay strong on the family front. Sometimes we just have to learn to accept the things we cannot change (but I know it still peeves the life out of us at the same time LOL!) Hugs, Marie xxx

  3. Love the color scheme, red is my fave color! So cute.

    I've been going through some family stuff too and it got me down. My best friend said five simple words to me:
    Let go and Let God. There are just some things that are out of our hands. And just like you said, cherish what you do have :)

  4. Cute card you made good use of that glad to see him :) and nice job with the challenge adding dots to his that is genus!!!

  5. Me again. I just wanted to comment on your post. I have been going through you're family situation for almost 20 years now. One bad egg and my parent who seem to defend or ignore the terrible things she does. I think what stopped some of the awkward comments by my parents was telling them that... I never asked them to stop helping or loving her BUT I ask that they understand and respect why I can not. Hope that helps :)